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This web site is specifically developed for a group of fans celebrating mutual interest and bond over wide areas of topics and genres. Brought together by love for games, fashion, TV shows, sports, movie, band or of different topics and genres.

A fan group is a culture or an expression of admiration for something or someone shared by the enjoyment of popular culture. It is often characterized by a feeling of understanding and camaraderie with others sharing the same interest. Some fans use creative media as a platform for expressing their feelings such as fan art, fan fiction or stories based on the universe and characters of their chosen subject, these may take the form of a literary work, video-making, fan cast, and filk songs or folk songs based on science-fiction fantasy. This group of fans may also be involved in cosplaying, where fans create and wear costumes and accessories similar to the fictional character they are impersonating. combined with recreating scenes or behavior inspired by their chosen subject.

GEP.NET is open for sharing of knowledge, ideas, experiences, and publishing and exchanging fanzines and articles.

If you consider yourself a true fan, we highly encourage you to impart your knowledge and artistic works with us and be a part of our growing fan group community. Contact us here and join our team.